Marcel Collection by MAGALIE x OLIVA

MAGALIE X OLIVA launches its first collection, the “Marcel” Collection.  Through this collection, the luxury fashion brand pays homage and is inspired by one of the top modern architects of the XX century, Marcel Breuer.

Breuer was characterised for his constant search for pragmatism and excelled in applying new forms and emerging technologies of the industrial era to simple and modular constructions.  He had a special ability to make concrete look like a soft and smooth material, moving it away from its cold reality.

In a similar way, OLIVA and MAGALIE, two fashion brands with a close relationship with architecture and art, adapt to emerging trends while maintaining, in this ever-changing fashion world, the essence of suavity, elegance, and finesse in every design.  The different models in this collection keep the most iconic material of luxury handbag designer MAGALIE, wicker, coinciding with Marcel’s internationally renowned design “Cesca” chair (named after his daughter Francesca).  The MAGALIE X OLIVA “Marcel” collection has integrated this material in all its accessories in a subtle fashion, ensuring the OLIVA firm’s high level of aesthetic, experience and beauty is maintained as per its founder’s direction, the renowned designer JUANJO OLIVA.

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