Duality Classics

“To me “Duality” is to be able to combine harmoniously seemingly antagonistic elements or values. I don’t want to have to choose between passion or reason, planning or spontaneity, beauty or functionality, tradition or sophistication. I believe in using antagonistic values to reach a higher level of excellence. Because the best in me lies in finding a way to fuse my contrasting traits, using them to compliment one another in harmony. When I succeed I know I have something truly special, unique, and a more complete version of me.

The Duality collection is my tangible interpretation of duality. We have skilfully assembled timeless and balanced pieces using two contrasting elements: calfskin with its sublime elasticity, sponginess and very smooth feel, and a wicker frontal structure characterized by its rigid, firm look and feel. This combination travels throughout our pieces following geometrical right angles and curves, further establishing the duality philosophy that MAGALIE stands for. Aesthetic architectural pieces expressed using natural, living elements with its own distinctive character.”


K194 (4)

K194-mini (9)

G39 (7)

N25 (6)